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About Us


Our Vision

“The spaces we create talk because we listen.”

Keeping the clients’ budget in mind, we pay great attention to the design briefs. Each project is a concerted effort based on the clients’ requirements and their visualization of the environment. Specific features such as the hierarchical demarcations, functional requirements and ambience related ideas form an integral part of our design.


Framework & Interiors

Creating Space

Framework Interiors was conceived with a commitment to excel. Ever since its inception in 1981, the firm has gone from strength to strength.

Framework Interiors is a Consultancy organization with multiple capabilities and presence all over India. Under the expert guidance of its dynamic partners, the firm has accomplished a spectrum of projects with Indian as well as multinational blue chip companies. The firm is well-known not only for its multifaceted professional profile but also for the international standards of design and execution which serve as bench-marks of perfection today.

Our Principals


Reenu Uberoi

B.Arch.(Hons) Chandigarh, 1977
Council of Architects |  Associate, Indian Institute of Architects.

A highly professional and organized individual, has handled prestigious Indian and International projects. She is renowned throughout the industry as a leading architect, interior designer and space planner. She has her own signature style and is widely appreciated by colleagues and clients alike for her cost conscious solutions. Professional resume includes design, coordination, execution of building& interior specs for Warehousing, Corporate offices, wholesale, hotels and banks.

She has vast experience in undertaking codes standards and value engineering pertaining to MEP and design.


Pradeep Uberoi

B.Arch. Chandigarh, 1977
Council of Architects | Associate, Indian Institute of Architects.

A dynamic administrator, has been at the forefront of the growth of the organisation. Well-versed with the latest technological developments, he brings wide exposure and balanced concepts to the table. He attaches topmost priority to the clients’ needs and offers timely and economic solutions. Professional resume includes design and supervision of commercial buildings, corporate offices, Logistic parks and interiors of hotels, offices etc.


Rahul Uberoi

B. Arch (hons), Delhi 2009
Council of Architects | Associate, Indian Institute of Architects

With extensive experience serving international & Indian clients, he leads client services and business development at Framework. His focus is fulfilling client needs with cost-effective solutions, contributing to design and supervision of projects that include industrial structures, research facilities,logistics parks and interiors for hotels, offices, and warehousing.

Sr. Associate

Mr. Varun Khare

B. Arch
Council of Architects | Associate, Indian Institute of Architects

The leader of our design team – His commitment to clients and versatilitymake him an invaluable asset to the organisation. His role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including detailed design & engineering solutions, coordination with consultants and cost control across diverse projects.

Our Team
& Technology

Design Staff
Assistant Architects
Project Management
Project Managers
Service Engineers
Civil Engineers

Our Strengths

Value Engineering

Elevating Design through Value Engineering:

Our collaborative journey with distinguished MNCs revolves around the strategic fusion of innovation and efficiency within the design phase. Through meticulous analysis, we pinpoint opportunities to optimize costs, enhance quality, and elevate performance, all while aligning with project objectives.

We partner with industry leading consultants to delve deep into the core functions and aspirations of each project, ensuring a profound understanding that becomes the bedrock of our value engineering strategy.


At Framework, our profile is characterized by a steadfast commitment
to pioneering sustainable practices and innovative solutions:

Championing LEED-Certified Designs and Buildings

We take the lead in crafting designs and buildings that are not just remarkable in aesthetics and functionality but also hold the prestigious LEED certification, reflecting our dedication to environmentally conscious architecture.

Green Energy

We are dedicated to embracing green energy solutions to power the future. This commitment is evident in our utilization of cutting-edge technologies, such as solar panels and hydrogen energy, to drive sustainable operations.

Embracing Sustainable
Building Materials

Our philosophy extends to the materials we use. We prioritize eco- friendly construction materials, ensuring that our projects are not only structurally robust but also environmentally responsible.

Zero Impact

Framework is at the forefront of the movement towards zero process discharge. Our innovative practices ensure that our projects leave minimal environmental impact through resource-efficient processes.

Design Objectives


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Project Completed.


Happy Clients

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